As a former editor and creative director, I love to have conversations about creativity. It fascinates me to uncover common traits and what, if anything, is different between each person’s creative practice. I like to discover what practices we can all incorporate into our daily routines because I believe creative thinking is fundamental to growth every aspect of life.

I started these interviews back in 2018 as way to explore creativity in itself but now I realise creativity is what binds us; a way in which we connect to each other through what we make and do; the way we look at the world. I’d like to explore this connection, this expression of inner world, which ultimately is how we find a way to connect in a meaningful way.

For me this is through creating a beautiful canvas for people to write their thoughts, hopes and fears. For you it will be different, and that is the beauty of it.

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Previously an Editor and Creative Director living in Florence Italy, I returned to Ireland and set up A C H A R A — handmade, design-led stationery, fusing geometric shapes with colour for meaningful connection. Read more

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