Book Artist & Print Maker Patricia Silva

From 2014 to 2016, I worked on a series of collaborative artists’ book projects with the artist and writer, Lyall Harris….By the end, we had produced a series of 12 artists’ books (each in an edition of 2) dealing with topics as diverse as women’s identity, motherhood, loss, organ transplantation and the immigration crisis in Europe. For both of us, I believe, the experience was extremely fulfilling, challenging, revelatory and highly satisfying.

Author Paula McGrath

I began writing seriously around the time my twin boys were born. I don’t know what that was about, except that the urge to write, which was always there, became urgent and refused to be ignored.  I was, as you can imagine, very busy at the time, but this just made the pockets of time I did have all the more valuable; I remember—possibly inadvisedly—dashing out to a writers’ group between breastfeeds!

Author Nuala O’Connor

As for my forte, in terms of writing I’d say it’s fiction. In terms of craft, I’d say it’s stick-with-it-ability and a willingness to always learn and grow.
I admire writers like Salinger and Ferrante who, to whatever extent, managed to extricate themselves from the PR roundabout and just get on with the writing. That’s what important for creatives: doing the work. Not the promo and public appearances – creating.